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Videos of Most of the bulls are online at CCI.Live The rest of the Springs wil be online later this week.


The Heifers Available in the Pick are listed here


Download Excel Sheet here 2024 Heifer Pick.xlsx


It all began with the purchase of two Angus heifers in 1932 from Henry Shroeder in Lorraine and has evolved into a 350 mother cow herd. Beginning with calving ease, carcass composition, feed efficiency and cost of production, we have been using the technology available in the industry to select for the best complete cow herd.
Our goal is to provide you with problem free seedstock that will give you the most profit. Not every bull fits every program, so we strive to give you the most information possible for you to make your selection.


 The catalog will be available on website March 1st.
For a printed sale catalog please Email janssen@greengardenangus

For more information call the office at 785-472-3752, Ben at 785-472-1164, or Email